Costume System

Costumes with hidden special abilities It will increase the ability of the players.
Each costume will be sold for 30 days and will be replaced with a new costume.
1. Egg ( Gacha ) - Eggs contain costumes and other items inside.
2. Players need tokens 200 FSLS, 200 FSLF, 10 FSLC to purchase eggs.
The first costume is the identity of Thainess. Egg of Muaythai
The reward is in the egg.
Muay Thai Shirt
Muay Thai Pants
Skeleton Bag
Muay Thai Gloves
Muay Thai Shoes
Muay Thai Hat
Rare Baits x3
Common Baits x3
Chance to get a costume
4 % Skeleton Bag
5 % Muay Thai Gloves
6 % Muay Thai Hat
7 % Muay Thai Shirt
8 % Muay Thai Pants
9 % Muay Thai Shoes
26 % Rare Baits x3
35 % Common Baits x3
Ability of each piece
Skeleton Bag : Reduces repair cooldown by 30 minutes.
Muay Thai Gloves : Reduce Fee 0.5%
Muay Thai Hat : Fishing bonus 0.5 %
Muay Thai Shirt : Fishing bonus 0.5 %
Muay Thai Pants : Fishing bonus 0.5 %
Muay Thai Shoes : Reduces pickaxe usage time by 1 minute.
When Stake completes 3 pieces : Additional Fishing bonus 2 %
When Stake completes 6 pieces :
  • Additional Fishing bonus 2 %
  • Reduce the cooldown of additional repairs by 1 hour.
  • Additional fee reduction of 0.5%
Players can Stake costumes to gain abilities at "Collection".
Press Stake
After that, there will be a Wear button for the player character.
When all 6 pieces are equipped, there will be effects as shown in the example.