Rice planting system

"Farm Plot", "Rice seedling" are required.

For every Stake Farm Plot, players pay 300 FSLS / 300 FSLF tokens for the Stake Farm Plot.

In one plot, a maximum of 4 rice plants

-Access Pass add slot +1

-Bronze badge add slot +1

-Silver badge add slot +2

-Gold badge add slot +4

When Stake "Rice seedling", Players have to water the rice plant 21 times.

In a day, we have to water every 3 hours, watering a maximum of 3 times / day (Reset every 24 hours, counting the first watering of the day, for example, watering at 11.00 / 14.00 / 17.00, the time will be reset at 11.00 the next day)

Conditions for growing rice

-Rice seedlings

-Tokens used for 1 watering: 4 FSLF / 4 FSLS


1 rice plant has a chance to get 2-4 pieces.

-Rice seedling has a chance to get 70% from rice planting.

-Animal feed (for animals to eat) 30% chance to get from rice planting

If you get Rice seedling

Rice seedling will be in the Inventory titled ETC.

Rice seedlings

After use, will randomly receive 2-4 FSLC.

Animal feed

  • When you use it, you get 2 points.

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