Animal breeding system

"Animal breeding farm", "Big pig (male-female)" is required.

Animal breeding farm can raise a maximum of 1 pair of pigs

For every Stake Animal breeding farm, players pay 400 FSLS / 400 FSLF / 10 FSLC tokens for the Stake Animal breeding farm.

-Access Pass add slot +1 pair

-Bronze badge add slot +1 pair

-Silver badge add slot +2 pair

-Gold badge add slot +4 pair

When Stake a "Big pig (male-female)", Player have to feed 21 times.

In one day, players will come to feed the animals every 3 hours for example, watering at 11.00 / 14.00 / 17.00, the time will be reset at 11.00 the next day) (same way as rice planting).

Breeding animals conditions

-Match the male and female pigs to start mating.

-Animal feed, which is wasted 1 each time in raising animals

-Tokens used per feeding 12 FSLF / 12 FSLS / 0.6 FSLC and 1 Point.


Get 2-4 piglets, gender random.

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